The Roxy was awesome last night. Best LA show ever! Thanks for all the love!

We are on are way to LA to tear a hole in the sky! The Roxy tonight, doors at 7PM #SoundOfSummer

Tizz iz a Ninerz fan.

7-11 stunnin’

Thanks LA for a great night last night! We’ll be back at The Roxy on July 27th with Emily’s Army and Prima Donna!

BFD was amazing yesterday! Thanks to Live 105 and Aaron Axelson for having us. We will be releasing our EP this Friday at The Oaklandish Store for FREE. See you soon!

12:50pm local stage get ready

In-N-Out Champions. #winning

Playing the BFD local stage at Shoreline Amphitheater this Sunday at 12:50. Come get squiddy #BFD2014